What separates Legacy Leasing Services from other management companies?

We are the only property management company in east Polk County that specializes in serving Landlords. We are not sales agents dabbling in property management!

Ask about our Tenant Replacement Guarantee.

We perform ongoing interior inspections of your property after the tenants move it. If the tenants are non-compliant with the lease agreement, we leave them a 7 Day Notice To Cure. We actually go back to the property in 7 days to make sure the issue has been corrected.

Our eviction rate is less than 2% because of our thorough screening process and professional management skills.

We offer an Eviction Protection Program for our clients to participate in. Owners can join a pool of other investors by paying a small fee and any needed eviction for that lease term is covered!

We have highly trained property managers that are knowledgeable about the Florida Landlord Tenant Law to reduce liability for our clients.

NO hidden fees and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Communication and honest business practices is our #1 goal.

Remember, we don’t get paid until we find you a qualified tenant!