Legacy Leasing Services, Inc. takes pride in knowing that we have a highly effective and proven tenant screening program.

Before a tenant is placed in your home, they will have passed our step by step process which begins with national background and credit checks on every person over 18 years old in the household. Next, we will perform an eviction search. Finally, we will verify all of the information they have provided including employment, income and former landlord references. This is a time consuming process, but we believe selecting qualified tenants in the beginning of the relationship will save even more time and money in the future.

In fact, our tenant screening process is so thorough, we guarantee our tenants! If the tenants meet our Resident Selection Criteria and they move out and/or break the lease agreement during the first 6 months of tenancy, we will waive the leasing fee and re-rent your
home at no additional charge to you.