Hands Free Management

The following information lists of some of the benefits and services that Legacy Leasing Services, Inc. provides to our valued clients. You can expect us to automatically implement the management services outlined below:

Management Services

FULL TIME property management agents. We know the Florida Landlord Tenant Act, so you don’t have to. We are NOT sales agents dabbling in property management! That is too risky for you!

PROFESSIONAL Licensed Property Managers are available to show your property 7 days a week

ETHICAL – You save money by using our licensed and insured maintenance vendors because we deal in volume. Rest assured, we pass that savings on to our clients.

THOUROUGH BACKGROUND SCREENING process for all tenants which includes credit and national criminal background checks on each applicant over 18, an eviction search, verification of applicant’s former landlord’s references, and verification of the applicant’s employment/income.

COMMUNICATION is key with our Landlords. We keep you informed through the entire process.

ONGOING INSPECTIONS – We conduct detailed inspections before and after the tenants move in. You receive a copy of the reports with photos in your Owner Portal.

ATTORNEYS ON OUR SIDE – We only use attorney prepared lease agreements. We offer you free consulting with our attorneys to make sure we are always compliant with the law.

TENANT TRAINING – We train the tenants on how to property care for the house using our Tenant Handbook and the lease agreement before giving them the keys

– You will receive a copy of every document in your Owner Portal; Management Agreement, Lease Agreement, Property Inspection Reports, maintenance invoices etc.