Expect the Best

The following categories contain minimum property standards for properties managed by LEGACY LEASING SERVICES INC. Maintaining property standards will enhance and protect our owners, tenants, and the reputation of Legacy Leasing Services. These Quality Assurance Standards must be followed at all times.

Exterior Conditions

  • Structural – Property is to be structurally sound.
  • Roofs and Gutters – Roofs must be free of leaks and in good repair. Gutters are to be clean and free flowing.
  • Windows and Locks – All window glass must not be broken or cracked. All windows and window locks must be operational.
  • Doors and Locks – All exterior doors are to be in sound condition and weather tight. All locks are to be re-keyed between occupancies and to be operational at all times.
  • Paint – Siding and trim paint is to remain free of peeling. Any peeling paint on homes built prior to 1978 should be addressed for the possibility of Lead-Based Paint immediately.
  • Lighting – Exterior lighting is to be provided on perimeter areas where hazards may exist. All burned out bulbs are to be replaced immediately.
  • Landscaping, Trees, Miscellaneous Appearance – Landscaping is to be well maintained and at all times provide a neat appearance. Mowing and watering of lawns, trimming shrubs and flowers, and cutting back of trees as may be required from time to time. All personal property, trash receptacles, and disabled cars are to remain out of sight. All debris is to be removed no less than weekly.

  • Interior Conditions

  • Heating/Cooling System – All properties are to be equipped with an adequate heating and cooling system meeting local building codes and be in good repair at all times. Defects are to be repaired immediately. A/C Filters should be changed on a monthly basis.
  • Electrical System – All electrical is to remain in good repair and meet local building codes. Any exposed wiring or defective outlets, switches, or fixtures should immediately be repaired.
  • Plumbing System – All properties are to be supplied with hot and cold running water. Plumbing fixtures are to remain free of leaks and be operational, and water heaters should be set to meet local building codes and be equipped with a pressure relief valve.
  • Appliances – All appliances left remaining on the premises are to be maintained in good working order. Defective appliances are to be repaired/ replaced immediately.
  • Smoke detector(s) – Properties are to be equipped with at least 1 approved and operational smoke detector on each living area. Any defects in equipment, including poor batteries, should be repaired/ replaced immediately.
  • Flooring – All flooring materials are to be clean and maintained in food condition at all times. Flooring, including carpet, vinyl, and wood is to remain free of rips, tears and gouges.
  • General – Premises are to be clean and free of debris at all times. Property is to be turned over to incoming residents with the highest standard of cleanliness at all times.
  • The pursuit of 100% compliance with these standards should be continued at all times. Compliance with the above standards will help to insure that our clients and competitors see LEGACY LEASING SERVICES and Quality as being synonymous. Further clarification of these standards may be obtained through the Property Manager.