We manage all repairs for our clients.

We enforce the lease agreement which usually requires tenants to maintain the lawn, pool, change a/c filters regularly, pest control during tenancy, keep appliances clean, replace light bulbs as needed. Common sense maintenance means preventing a problem before it becomes an issue. Our property managers will inspect your property for potential maintenance concerns and discuss those issues with you so you will be financially prepared when the time comes to make the repair.

We will track the reasons for a repair and collect from the tenants if they causes a maintenance issue.

We contact you when a maintenance request comes into the office and we assist you in getting estimates for large repairs. We gladly comply with any warranties that you may have.

We will only use repairmen, vendors and tradesmen that are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.

You will receive scanned copies of all invoices in your Owner Portal at the end of each month.

We do not EVER allow tenants to make repairs to the property.